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ACFE ACE LSS 2012: Due Date Reminder

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

A reminder for all our ACFE ACE survey manager clients – your ACE Learners Satisfaction Surveys are due by 31 December 2012.  If you haven’t organised your student learners surveys yet make sure you do it now.  All surveys should be completed by the end of December. 

User names and passwords are available from your ACE region coordinator at ACFE, or you can contact us directly.  If you know your user name, but have forgotten your password, the login page will send it to the email account we have registered for your organisation.  Just click on the “I forgot my password” link on the login page. Sometimes email providers block our  

Remember there are three ways you can get the surveys done:

  1. Load up the students and their email addresses by using the responder addition buttons on the “Manage Survey” action page, and then sending the invitations.  This will allow them to complete the surveys from home via computer or even their smart phones.
  2. Use the student portal – which will auto generate user ids , but you will have to provide the students with the login password for the portal.  The password for your organisation is shown on your survey list screen when you turn on the portal.
  3. Hard copy and manual entry using the “enter data” action link on the survey list screen.  You can get a hard copy (MS Word) version of the online survey from the “Manage Survey” screen available from the manage action link on the survey list screen.  If using this option you can combine it with options 1 or 2 to get the responder “slots” for entering the data from the hard copy surveys.

Obviously the preferred option is to use either options 1 or 2.  With option 2 you will not be able to track who has completed the survey as it auto-generates IDs.  You will, of course still be able to view totals, response analysis, etc.  Option 2 is intended manly for class group submission such as in a computer lab, rather than individual invited responses.  If you are loading more than 30 student emails for option 1. you should probably use the XL/CSV bulk load option as it will be faster.

Contact BPC by email or phone or ACFE if you have any questions – remember to provide your TOID and a contact number.  Do not put your BPC SurveyManager login details into the comments on this post.

Coordinators – you can track which organisations have met response targets from the “manage regions” screen in your region login.

Note the forum has been disabled because it was virtually never used by legitimate users and swamped with spammers and bots.  It consumed a few hours each day to clean for no benefit to our clients.