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RiskManager (Enrima) and Windows 7

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

We recently completed testing on the current release of RiskManager (Enrima) and Windows 7 RC (the latest release candidate) running IE 8 and SQL Express 2008, using the new installaware installer in which BPC RiskManager (Enrima Edition) is packaged, and I am very pleased to report that it installed successfully and ran first time. No tweaking required.

So we are Windows 7 ready, and for those of you enquiring about SQL Express 2008 support and IE 8; the answer is yes – it works and is supported by BPC.

One thing to note during the Express 2008 install on Win 7 RC is that you should not run the Express 2008 data after installing, until you have also installed the Express 2008 service pack. If you install the Full Express 2008 version or the Combined installer (with the Studio Manager and the Database engine packaged into the one installer), the Win 7 installer will warn you that parts of the Express 2008 install are incompatible with Win 7, and that you will need to install the service pack. At the end the Win 7 automatic updater will find the service pack and tell you that the service pack is incompatible with that edition of Express 2008 (and refuse to download and install it). That is not correct, but you will have to go off to the MS web site and download the service pack manually yourself, and then run it. After that you can start up studio manager and the database (after rebooting the machine) and everything is hunky-dory. No doubt this will be fixed by the time Windows 7 comes out for production release.

Vista users will find Windows 7 to be very familiar, minus the annoying UAC pop-ups. XP users will find it is still a bit of a jump, but not as painful as the Vista jump (or maybe I m just getting used to the Vista interface).

One noticeable difference for us, is that the IIS web server both installs differently and has a different range of options available. If you will be using the survey and other web components in Enrima, you will need to install this, as it is not installed by default. You can install this in the native Win 7 mode (i.e. we do not need IIS 6 compatible mode). As always you will need to allow unrecognised ISAPI extensions for the libraries to run.

Feel free to give it a try. For those of you with a single user license of Enrima, you are welcome to test Enrima out on a second machine running Win 7 Release Candidate. We will ignore the license breach on Windows 7 RC, and you are welcome to contact support if you want to be hand held through the install process (although – as always, it is automatic, and runs the same as it does on XP, Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, etc).