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BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.54 (DBV 6.2.9) is available

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

A new patch for BPC RiskManager (Enrima) V6.2.5 is now available on the down load site.  Use you client login to access.  This is Build Beta54.  Build Beta39 is also still available, being the last stable build for DBV6.2.8.  Build Beta54 is the twelfth release for DBV6.2.9.   As with all Beta’s since Beta39, you will need to contact us for support if you have not installed the previous major upgrade (in this case BETA42) as there is a significant database change (note the DB version is now 6.2.9).   We have not packaged the 6.2.8 to 6.2.9 conversion script in this build because there will be more changes to V6.2.9 before this build cycle is finished.   If you have BETA46 you should be able to install this BETA with no other changes required, but you are advised to run the enclosed DB scripts if you have not already run them during B51 installation.

You must have installed V6.2.8 full installer with the DBV6.2.8 database + the V6.2.9 DB conversion script applied to use the patch release.  This full installer is also on the download site you will need to contact us for the latest V6.2.9 conversion script.

This patch is a standard copy/paste deployment.  A new desktop installer is also included as a separate download.  This release replaces all previous patches. 

B53 was a big if quiet update because we updated most of  the component sets in the application to the latest updates and patches for those tool sets. Consequently a number of things broke and so B53 was a longer time coming than intended.  B54 fixes a few things we missed in the B53 testing.

The patch (BETA54) includes a two optional report files for importing through the client to use as a template for your main incident and investigation reports.  These are in the reports folder.  See the post on importing reports into RiskManager (link pending).  To use these reports you will have to import the content of the three spreadsheets  provided in the Database folder.  These update the report builder tables with additional and corrected data.  See a later post on how to perform this update (link pending).   

In particular, examine Joins sheet.   This matches the joins screen of the administration/administrator/report-builder administration pages.  In the join_type column there are a number of joins identified as ‘dajtLeftOuter’ .  In your join table you might have some existing joins of this type entered as datjLeftOuter or dajLeftOuter or some similar variation.  These should all read ‘dajtLeftOuter’.  Obviously the other joins should be left alone.

One way to update the report builder tables is to paste the rows from the spreadsheets provided.  After you paste the spreadsheet rows into the join table, you will have all the new joins inserted BUT the paste action will have prevented the overwriting of existing records (generatng a key violation error for each existing row which you should press ok to skip each-time).  So you will have to fix the above mentioned errors by hand (or use the database repair screen in overwrite mode with a query on the join table).  It is probably faster to fix them by hand as there are only a few errors in the table.

To make these reports load automatically in the incident and investigation screens you will also need to update the investigation and incident type screens (in Setup-Profiles).  Here you will need to add the name by which you saved the associated report in the database when you loaded it from file.  The name should be entered into the field for ‘standard report’ in each of the incident and investigation type records where you want these reports to be the standard detail view.

Also note that there was an expanded user manual included B51, also in this release.

An update to  BPC MailManager is also provided.   This is the same release as was included in B47

I am on a working-leave at the moment: very remote and only connecting occasionally.   I should be back in a few days and available again.

The patches since B52-B54 have provided the following changes:


- Component and tool refresh.  All components and tools used by RM have been brought up to the latest appropriate versions.

- Revised search hook updates to remove bug detection code and enable investigation auto search
- Fixed join definitions with incorrect dajt definition

- Fixed bug that prevented investigation search from showing

- Added OHS investigation standard full report


- DB Update: Nextruntime field added to workflow instance

version record triggers modified to save previous version rather than current version.
 This means the initial version is now retained when the first change occurs.
- DOC+SEC: Reestablished list – detail syncing after updating grids for column visibility bug fix.
- Removed document searchbar close button on both document and section lists
- Signoff list builder updated to pickup additional signoffs that can be allocated in the model including automatic detection of supervising officers, etc.
- Signoff list builder now adds RISKOWNER as primary or delegate person if risks are linked to an incident and RISKOWNER selected as an investigation team or non team role.