BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.48 (DBV 6.2.9) is available

A new patch for BPC RiskManager (Enrima) V6.2.5 is now available on the down load site.  Use you client login to access.  This is Build Beta48.  Build Beta39 is also still available, being the last stable build for DBV6.2.8.  Build Beta48 is the ninth release for DBV6.2.9.   As with all Beta’s since Beta39, you will need to contact us for support if you have not installed BETA42 as there is a significant database change (note the DB version is now 6.2.9).   We have not packaged the 6.2.8 to 6.2.9 conversion script in this build because there will be more changes to V6.2.9 before this build cycle is finished.   If you have BETA46 you should be able to install this BETA with no other changes required.

You must have installed V6.2.8 full installer with the DBV6.2.8 database + the V6.2.9 DB conversion script applied to use the patch release.  This full installer is also on the download site.

This patch is a standard copy/paste deployment although a new desktop installer is also included.  It replaces all previous patches.  The patch (BETA48) includes an optional report file for importing through the client to use as a template for your main incident report.   Also note that there has been an expansion to the user manual.

An update to  BPC MailManager is also provided.   This is the same release as was included in B47

This release (B48) includes the following client and server changes from Beta47:



  • Surfaced Investigation title to investigation screen
  • Surfaced additional date fields – Est End Date, Due Date, Closed Date to investigation screen
  • Surfaced Closed Flag to investigation screen



  • Internal flag not highlighted on Participants list
  • Fixed non-critical read of invalid address when attribute list accessed first time after a new incident was created.
  • Changed error message when an action saved without the action band being set to a more sensible error message.



  • Fixed position of splitter bar so that the window panels resize correctly


CAUSE (and Incident Cause)

  • Fixed bug in Cause Subcategory query definition that prevents updating a subcategory name and deletion under certain conditions


  • Added Incident date ranges for all date fields for QBE incident search
  • Added Organisation and organisation parent search for QBE incident search
  • Added Document/Section selection to QBE risk search
  • Added FSE selection to QBE risk search
  • Added Investigations Filter
  • Added Organisation and organisation parent search for QBE investigation search
  • Added Hazard flag to investigation search



  • Fixed intermitant cancelation of the insert during insertion
  • Added auto creation of survey orgs if RM Org has SM OrgID populated.
  • Dropped auto create SM org flag
  • Added ‘Use RM OrgCode as SM OrgID flag
  • Added valid SM OrgID check prior to creation and posting – invalid IDs will be fixed if possible or else blanked and not created as SM Orgs



  • Fixed wrong Dashboard reportable incident counters and trends (previous queries use old incident structure and give you the counters for the new riskwells not the risks)

There will be another update in a few days.


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