BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.47 (DBV 6.2.9) is available (UPDATED)

A new patch for BPC RiskManager (Enrima) V6.2.5 is now available on the down load site.  Use you client login to access.  This is Build Beta47.  Build Beta39 is also still available, being the last stable build for DBV6.2.8.  Build Beta47 is the eight release for DBV6.2.9.   As with all Beta’s since Beta39, you will need to contact us for support as there is a significant database change (note the DB version is now 6.2.9).   We have not packaged the 6.2.8 to 6.2.9 conversion script in this build because there will be more changes to V6.2.9 before this build cycle is finished.   We are working on that DB change at the moment – so the next Beta (after this one) will have a required set of DB updates.

You must have installed V6.2.8 full installer with the DBV6.2.8 database + the V6.2.9 DB conversion script applied to use the patch release.  This full installer is also on the download site.

This patch is a standard copy/paste deployment although a new desktop installer is also included.  It replaces all previous patches.  The patch (BETA47) includes an optional report file for importing through the client to use as a template for your main incident report. 

AN update to  BPC MailManager is also provided.  This release includes the following client and server changes from Beta45:


  • Add reports support for incidents
  • Add reports support for investigations
  • Add incident and investigation report viewer button in incident and investigation screens
  • Move Incident Centre to main screen
  • Add Incident Filter tab and search support to search screen
  • Fix Incident Action Report (Template / example)
  • Add location search find
  • Check and fix Assigned to / recorded by – blanking when leaving incident edit without save.
  • Fix T/F not 1/0 Boolean on ‘Is Investigated’ flag
  • Add reports viewer to incident centre on main screen
  • Fix enabling rules on buttons in incident centre
  • Make ‘New Incident’ button visible  “My Incidents”
  • Move File links from being Investigation linked to incident linked and add file grids to incident screen
  • Add File Links view to incident screen
  • Modify titling of incident tabs to improve default captioning 


  • Fix General Actions Report (Template / example)


  • Add incident and investigation reports to incident and investigation type setup


  • Add incident view to topic analyser 


  • Add String colour name to Colour value converter to report engine (look under conversion functions).  This allows the reports to programmatically set the colour of an object in a report (like a traffic light) based on the colour name you have stored in a record



  • Updated mailmanager for new mail queues. 

There will be another build in a couple of days.


As the gremlins would have it, we forgot to include the MailManager update in the first release.  If you downloaded BETA47 before 4:00 PM AEST today (31/Oct/2012)  you will need to download again.  Sorry.

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