BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.41 (DBV 6.2.9) is available (Latest update – Build 43)

A new patch for BPC RiskManager (Enrima) V6.2.5 is now available on the down load site.  Use you client login to access.  This is Build Beta41.  Build Beta39 is also still available, being the last stable build for DBV6.2.8.  Build Beta41 is the second release for DBV6.2.9.   You will need to contact us for support as there is a significant database change (note the DB version change).   We have not packaged the 6.2.8 to 6.2.9 conversion script in this build because there will be more changes to V6.2.9 before this build cycle is finished.

Unless you want to participate in the Beta testing of the new incident management system, you are advised to wait a few weeks and take the full ‘official release’.  We expect to be doing bi-nightly builds over the next few weeks as we bed down the new capabilities with the Beta testers.   

This patch includes a major enhancement to the system representing the next stage in our significant upgrade of the incident management system as well as the third round of datamodule changes in preparation for our upcoming pure browser client (which through some clever behind the scenes trickery is using the same client intermediate layer and app server code as the desktop installed client).  More on this soon. 

You must have installed V6.2.8 full installer with the DBV6.2.8 database + the V6.2.9 DB conversion script applied to use the patch release.  This full installer is also on the download site.

This patch is a standard copy/paste deployment although a new desktop installer is also included.  It replaces all previous patches.  The patch (BETA41) includes the following:

Incident Management (extras include):

  • Configurable unlimited incident attributes with triggers (for reviews, escalation, enhancements, workflow, etc.) to classify incidents
  • Unlimited configurable incident types (which determine the set of incident attributes applied to the incident)
  • Incidents have a built in workflow – record, assign, review, escalate, resolve, investigate, close
  • Change tracking
  • A new org structure defnition the lives side by side with the risk management org structure (allowing different structures for risk/compliance and incidents)
  • Structure and rule driven review, escalation and investigation
  • Unlimited incidents per risk/compliance event
  • Incidents attached to more than one risk/compliance topic
  • Incidents can be created and attached to a topic later
  • Notifiers
  • Participants
  • Incident Causes – immediate and underlying (mirrors risk causes)
  • Incident Actions – Current (done) and future, both proposed and approved + action assignment, progress and tracking
  • Proposed actions can be converted to risk / compliance topic controlls
  • Large array of location types (even GPS location specification)
  • Partcipants (with user defined roles)
  • Particpant records of interview
  • Participant injury tracking
  • Review and investigation reminders
  • Investigations including progress tracking/status / findings / recommendations, etc
  • Configurable investigation types with differing investigation team structures
  • Investigation external document links
  • Investogation signoffs with qualified and dissenting opinion options
  • Investigations build a distinct reports

Incidents, Risk and Compliance

  • Causes – All causes have a “Type of Cause” classification system similar to the strategies and controls “Type of Control” structure that allow standardisation of causes, while not restricting the cause definition. 

 Survey Manager

  • New build that fixes a memory management issue on 64 bit servers.

This list will grow by the time this Beta cycle is finished.

The new incident management system is a major enhancement that has taken several months to build.  

 BPC RiskManager now also officially support SQL Server 2012.

UPDATE – 28- Aug – 2012

Build 42 is now available from the client download site.  This build updates the server and desktop client.  Build42 contains updates to the incident reporting and management system including:

  •  various bug fixes
    • some lookup tables were detached from the lookup controls
    • new incidents attempted to add attributes before the incident creation sequence was completed
    • entry tabs dependent on incident creation being confirmed are now disabled until the first save
    • incident ids were double allocated on creation resulting in a number being skipped
  • implementation of the injury rating rules triggers (these now correctly trigger the configured events)
  • internal rework of participants, actions and causes data entry tabs into frames for re-use in alternative views (like wizards, alt incident report form and investigations)

There should be another build soon.

UPDATE – 12- Sep – 2012

Build 43 is now available from the client download site.  This build updates the server and desktop client. The server and client were updated in this build.   Build43 contains updates to the incident reporting and management system including:

  •  various bug fixes
    • nil bug fixes required
  • implementation of the new tear off panels and infinite resizing scrollable window components in incident participation and investigation detail views.  Panels now collapse and expand and tear off and float around the screen.  You can tear off all panels on a windows at once. 
    • to collapse or expand a panel click the max/min triangle on the far right hand side of the panel caption bar
    • to tear off a panel, double click the panel caption bar then click and drag where you want it on screen.
    • to return the panel to the parent window simply close it or close the parent window
    • both attached and torn off panels can be resized using the resizer triangle in the bottom right hand corner of the panel/window
    • torn panels will keep their size and attempt to return to their origirnal location on the parent window when closed.
  • implementation of the incident particpation detail screen to allow for participation details, participant records of interview, injury ratings etc to be entered from a pop up window with tear off panels in addition to the grid entry mode previously supported.
  • rewrite of the main investigations entry screen to use tear-off panels instead of the original resizing splitter grid and added panels for actions, participants and causes ot the investigation window per comment with the previous update. 
  • enabled addition of a unique risk incident well to each incident type.  When you push the create button in the setup profiles screen for set-”up incident type” a new risk will be created for each incident type with the same name as the incident type.  Each new incident well risk is automaticlly stored in the Incident Risk Type and Incident Well BG/BU - along with the other incdent wells.    This allows incidents to always be present on a risk that represents the incident type well as well being attached to any number of other risks or compliance obligations.  So you can have an incident well (risk) for all OHS incidents or all Financial incidents as well as attaching each incident to specific OHS risks or financial risks.
  • added risk list to the incident screen to allow risks to be attadhed to an incident.  The linking is done with the standard risk search screen so you can use any criteria for risk selection (eg cause, people, classification, risk id, RT/BG/BU, etc. – just like when you do reports).  Now when you are on a risk/compliance view you can see all incidents attached, and when you are on the incident view you can see all risks/compliance events attached.
  • added popup viewers for risks to the incident screen (so you can see risk details without leaving the incident you are editing).
  • added some stuff needed for the next build relating to incident and responsibility views.

There should be another build in a couple of days.

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