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BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.39 (DBV 6.2.8) is available

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

A new patch for BPC RiskManager (Enrima) V6.2.5 is now available on the down load site.  Use you client login to access. 

This patch includes various bug fixes, and a few new features as well the second round of datamodule changes in preparation for our upcoming pure browser client (which through some clever behind the scenes trickery is using the same client intermediate layer and app server code as the desktop installed client.  More on this soon.  The first part of that release: focusing on risk, incident and hazard management will be shipped to the beta testers in a week or two.

You must have installed V6.2.8 full installer with the DBV6.2.8 database to use the patch release. This full installer is also on the download site.

This patch is a standard copy/paste deployment although a new desktop installer is also included.  It replaces all previous patches.  The patch (BETA39) includes the following:

Document Management

  •  Add “Is Internal” Flag to DMDet
  • Add Retired Date to SMDET
  • Slave Is Internal Flag to DM Is Internal Flag
  • Fix Section Update message when Sections enabled then disabled in DMDET
  • Hide DMHistory tab (Reserved for future use).
  • Hide SMHistory tab (Reserved for future use).
  • Fix sect change status (causes sec re save query) when sec change made & saved, then doc change save made then change to doc list
  • Default common section fields to document settings on new section.


  • Check Action missing est end date error message on save
  • Add topic solver buttons to remaining jump panels and hide where hide option selected


  •  Save changes to additional fields message – remove word ‘should’:
    ‘It seems that you may unsaved entries in your additional details. Should would you like to fix them?’


  • Enable the default landing page to be configured for all users and individual users.  There is now a setting in Administrator/Administration/Form Options for all users,
    and a user specific override in Set-up Profiles/My Settings for individual user override.


  • The columns for Current assessment and previous assessment are inconsistent widths
  • Enable column and row sizing on assessment grid


  • Various minor fixes.  Editor added in B38.  WARNING: CUBE QUERIES WITH NIL RESULTS CAN CRASH THE CLIENT.


  • Added remote silent server kill command for Administration use ONLY.  This should be used ONLY where normal exit has not killed processes.  You should report the need to use this feature to BPC.


  • Added display of server version, DB version and count of current users connected to “About” display.


  • Various minor fixes


  • Added IntraWeb safe versions of core datamods as part of RM IW pure browser release (RM Version7)


  • Changed ‘keep-alive’ ping to every 10 minutes if engaged. (Keep alive ping can be set on the network configuration screen at login).


  • Added remote silent server kill command for Administration use ONLY.  This should be used ONLY where normal exit is not killing processes. It kills the main thread regardless of active connections. 
  • Added remote version check and current user count.
  • Various multi-threading locks added for little used events


  • Turned off automatic bug trap and ‘phone home’

 As usual, you are encouraged to contact us directly to arrange a time for phone support when you are ready to deploy the patch, although you can, of course, just grab the patch and install yourself is you wish.