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BPC RiskManager V6 – Report Builder Table updates (V6.2.5 to V6.2.8)

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Three items for this post:

1.  Two New views are available for DB V6.2.8  :


These two views provide links to the latest progress record for each action and strategy/control respectively.    They are available as SQL scripts to be executed against the DB with accompanying data updates to the report builder table, fields and joins tables so that you can use them in report builder reports.

There is an example report that uses the actions (latest rule) view available as well

2.  There are two updates to SEARCH_ACTIONS and SEARCH_RISK_ACTIONS views which add colour and ID fields to these views for use in colour coding reports in report builder (or data exports). 

They are included in the script update for the latest rule views mentioned in point 1 above.

3.   We have recently identified three errors in the BPC RiskManager V6.2.x ReportBuilder Join tables as follows:

Table Join:

SEARCH_RISKS-SEARCH_FINSTAT_ELEMENT join should be spelt:  dajtLeftOuter
SEARCH_RISKS-SEARCH_RISK_ASSERTIONS join should be spelt:  dajtLeftOuter
SEARCH_RISKS-SEARCH_MANAGED_DOCUMENTS join should be spelt:  dajtLeftOuter
SEARCH_RISKS-SEARCH_MANAGED_SECTIONS  join should be spelt:  dajtLeftOuter

In each case the join is spelt datj…  This will cause reports saved to disk for exchange with other databases to have a nonsense pointer and fail to reload.  For reports saved to the Database, the join appears to default to dajtInner.   These errors can be corrected by application administrators by going to:

Administer/Administration/Report Builder/Table Joins

Select the row matching each join listed above and correct the miss-spelling of the Join Type in the “join_type” field.  It would also be wise to open any reports that use the joins in report builder design mode and resave the report to the DB.

New updates for V6.2.8 databases (Build V6.2.5.37 and above) will have these updates and corrections included in the DB scripts.

Contact me directly or leave a comment here is you want the SQL script to apply the update sent directly to you, or wait until you run the .37 download and use the auto-updater.