BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.28 (V6.2.7) BETA15_4 Tester Release

There is another update to RM BETA15 – as promised in the BETA15 blog post -  BETA15_4.   This is the fourth update since last Friday, and there are more coming.  Obviously, things a re very busy at BPC at the moment! 

The target cutoff for this BETA was intended to be Tuesday, but since everyone suddenly seems to have awoken from a light sleep this last week, and particularly since our BETA15_1 release we may extend for an extra few days and we are receiving lots of requests and suggestions most of which are rapidly doable at the moment.  

The main projects getting a look-in in the BETA15 sub-sequence are:

  • RM – Survey Engine Integration
  • Compliance/Certification (Financial Statement Elements)  Project
  • Compliance Topic Solver (simplification) Project
  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Safety (Incidents and Hazards) Project
  • Workflow Project

Essentially there is a lot of new or improved functionality being turned on in this BETA.  In a number of cases there are features that have been present for some time, but not fully engaged with the rest of the system because other  features were required to make them fully functional that are now ready, or they required us to take the “force a DB change” step to make them work properly.  This is what is happening now.  We are now alao trying to shut down the BETA sequence and move to the release of V6.2.7 as quickly as possible.

So in the interests of managing the flood of email enquiries I am going to post here a little more regularly about what we are doing.  This should help you decide whether you take any BETA15 (almost nightly) build or wait until we stabilise it on BETA16.   BETA16 will most likely be a short staging step until the release of V6.2.7 which will be virtually identical to BETA16, except for any fixes required from BETA16. 

BETA15_4 has:

  •  Additional survey engine integration fields and now fully supports survey organisation selection throughout.  This is important so that the RM client can see all the orgs that the SM client can build;
  • A new survey question library tab in the risk maintenance screen to allow selection of individual questions from the survey engine to be linked with individual risks.  The initial version of this tab allows individual already created survey questions to linked with risks.  This will be expanded in the next BETA15; 
  • A recasting of types of the survey reference fields held in RM tables from varchar to nvarchar.  The survey engine was written to use Unicode characters, while the RM uses standard ASCII.   When we brought the two engines together many years ago the fields in RM that held SM references were created as ASCII fields to be consistent with RM.  That has now been changed so that the cross link fields now all use the standard SM field types.   In RM version 7 we will be going full Unicode, and this is an initial nod in that direction;
  • Control Self Assessment surveys now attempt to build themselves in the survey org that is linked to the risk’s owning business unit, rather than in the global default survey organisation.  With the surfacing of survey org’s in RM this just makes better sense;
  • Survey Reporting views in the RM survey client that “timed out” in BETA15_1 and BETA15_2 when there were more than 30,000 survey responses have now Bent fixed so they display correctly.  This was actually caused by the reports not being “survey organisation aware” so they were making a Cartesian product when the same survey appeared in multiple organisations ;
  • Added lookup searches to the various screens where survey organisations are referenced so that you do not have to know the name of the survey org when you are trying to link it to a RM business unit, etc.
  • Added a page to “setup profiles” to enable the creation of survey orgs from within RM;
  • The “Global Survey Org” is now just an initial and default survey organisation where you have not defined a survey org to mirror a RM Business Unit;
  • A significantly expanded range of risk/compliance fields have been surfaced in the maintain compliance screen, and renaming of some of the existing fields to allow better dynamic captioning choices that distinguish the fields from their risk view counterparts.  There is more happening here between the Solve Topics and Maintain Compliance screens to simplify the screens and make the compliance display less dependent on the Risk View to display additional detail;
  • Added “Financial Statement Element” display field to the compliance screen along with the “Document/Section” field.  You can use either or none.
  • Added workflow creation and editing to the Risk and Compliance object (with extra buttons on each maintenance screen to enable workflow maintenance therefrom.

Another release is coming tomorrow, I will try and tell you about that then.

BETA15_4 is on the download site – use your client ID to access.   It contains an updated script to build a database from scratch.  We have taken out the DB create command, so you should create your DB first then run the script to build the inside your new DB.  It is SQL Server 2000+ compatible, then use the accompany in XL sheets to load in the initial data.  There is one sheet per table that requires initialisation.  If using your existing DB you will need to contact us to convert your DB until the BETA16 is released, or possibly after if you have one of the intermediate DB versions.  The current DB version is V6.2.7

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