BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.27 (V6.2.7) BETA15 Testers Release

This is not the official release announcement of BETA15, but a number of you noticed that we uploaded a new BETA to the download sites a couple of days ago.  That release is meant for a number of identified clients who are testing specific features, and for those of you who want to load the latest version.  We did not realise how many of you were actively monitoring our download site and were surprised by the number of people that grabbed it within a few hours of the first release.

You may have noticed that since then there have been 2 more updates to BETA15.  This is why we did not “officially” announce it.  There are a number of things that are a day or so away from completion, and so we could get some feedback before the official release we agreed to do a rolling nightly release for a few days.

This will be the case for the next few days – a nightly update with a new complete DB build script included while we include each of the extra features not yet included in the build.  The current release is BETA15_2, but tomorrow there will be a BETA15_3 and so on.

If you want the latest nightly build you are welcome, but understand that this is a moving feast until the official announcement – that will appear on this blog as usual.

To avoid confusion, we will probably stabilise on BETA16 as the announced release. 

BETA15 uses the V6.2.7 database – so it will NOT work with your V6.2.6 databases (BETA14).  You will require an upgrade script or to forward your databases to us for free conversion.  Except for those clients specifically engaged in this release sequence, we will not be converting databases until the stable version is released as there is a (very slim) chance that the DB will be changed during the next couple of days.

If you think you need special consideration – don’t hesitate to contact me via email and we will attempt to cooperate.

Thanks for the excited interest – it is much appreciated.  I will know next time not to try and sneak a new release out, you guys are all way to keen and astute for that.

The official announcement – when it is made – will include detail of what has been added.

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