BPC RiskManager V6 2.5.25 (V6.2.6) BETA14 has been released.

Risk Manager V6 Update Notice

BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.25 – BETA14 has been released.  This version mandates the V6.2.6 database.  BETA15 is a production ready release.    The V6.2.6 database is transitional, in that the BETA cycle will see us move to at least V6.2.7 before it is finished.  

Clients who have upgraded their databases to the V6.2.6 can install this release directly.

Included in this release:

RiskManager Client

  • Flow Chart Designer hooks have been expanded and you can now invoked the designer directly from the risk maintenance screen.  Flow charts are linked to the business processes and business sub-processes, among other things.
  • New integrated work flow support for flowcharts and expanded scripting RM/Work flow interface.   This is a substantial internal update.  Workforce diagramming is now directly supported from process and sub process definition screens rather than as a separate engine.  Work flows diagrams can be executed and are scriptable with interfacing calls that can invoke screens in RM.  The internal update lays the framework for a substantial expansion in the role of Work flow and flowcharting.
  • Surfacing of most of the remaining risk attributes to the Windows desktop client including financial data, additional audit fields for planning and documents.  These includes estimates for loss (or gain).
  • Significant expansion in the ability to selectively hide functionality.
  • Addition of various features to the insurance centre as part of the introduction of claims support.

(Note: The new claims screens are now scheduled for BETA 15.)

RiskManager App Server

  • Updated Bulk Importer with support for:
    • data value transformation and mapping,
    • push feed to the survey engine allowing auto-submission of scanned survey data
    • improved table selectors

RM SurveyManager

  • Ongoing expansion of survey structure capabilities.  A number of additions have been made to the SM engine to support risk register rating via survey.  This is an ongoing upgrade and will continue progressively for a few more releases.  This first group of enhancements adds additional tags to better enable risk register style surveys. 

Please Note: 

BETA releases are intended for deployment by clients the same as full version releases.  Deployment usually involves replacing a few files by copying.  The BETA tag refers to the release packaging that does not usually include an auto-installer, auto-upgrader (other than for the desktop client) and that the take up is of the BETA is optional.  This means that a client can take the latest beta without having taken any previous Beta’s and we will guarantee to provide a customised DB upgrade.  Support is only promised for the latest BETA and the previous full release.  Clients using older BETA’s may be required to upgrade to the current BETA before support is provided.  The BETA release stream is also a way for us to extend the life of client subscriptions on version linked licenses. 


Documentation Updates

Go and look at the riskwiki  for documentation updates.  We have been busy adding new papers under a number of headings including new discussions of the community “network stakeholder model” and survey manager and risk manager user manuals.

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