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BPC RiskManager V6 2 5 22 (V6 2 6) – BETA12 UPDATE

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Clients using email messaging on BETA11 or BETA12:

 There is a new version of RiskMailManager available in each of your client folders and on the general product download sites.  The BETA12 package has also been updated and  re-issued.  This new version has been issued in its own package and the BETA12 packages have been updated for those yet to update.

To upgrade it simply replace the RiskMailManager.exe in the applicationfiles directory of your BPC RiskManager V625 server installation with the new file in the zip.  Discard the previous version – it is a blight on the world and does not deserve to be remembered. 

The revised RiskMailManager addresses a problem that may stop the template reader from loading your message templates under certain configurations.  All clients using RM Beta 11 or 12 are advised to update the RiskMailManager application, regardless of whether you are experiencing mail problems or not.

BETA 12 Warning:  BETA12 requires are complex database update.  If you wish to upgrade to BETA12 you are advised to request a customised database upgrade script or request us to do it for you.  Alternatively, wait a little longer for BETA13 which will include an installer. 

Read the previous post for the content of BETA12.