Off Topic: Caesar’s Blog

Some years ago I came across a very clever blog that pretended to be the blog of Julius Caesar, Governor of Gaul, before he became “ruler of all he surveys”.  Back then it was a pure text stream written on an early blogging system, and with upgrades in our computer systems I lost track of where on the net it was located.

Recently I found it again, and although the author has long since stopped updating it, it still makes brilliant, entertaining and educational reading.  It has been moved to a better blogging system and is available for your amusement on:

That link will take you to the first page of the blog.  The author’s clever idea was to pretend to be Caesar blogging every few days about his time as Governor and the campaign in Gaul.  It is an excellent example of one of the outstanding potential uses of blogging in education.  Unfortunately the original blog system he was using did not seem to allow him to record the dates other than the dates he wrote the blog.  The slightly confusing result is that the date shown for each entry is the date when the item was written, rather than the date when the item was pretending to have been written.   That aside, it is very worth reading this blog.

I just wish he had kept updating it for longer than the couple of years it ran (and solved his entry dating problem).    Any-who   – take a look if you have the time, it is worth it.  Maybe with a few collective words of encouragement the original author might resume the project.

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