BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.18 – BETA8 : Released

BPC RiskManager V6.2.5.18 – BETA8 has been released to the download site for free download for clients with CURRENT maintenance agreements.  Connect to the web site using your BPC Client Web Site login credentials (email me if you have forgotten your login details). 

In this release:

RM Server

  • Active Directory Authentication with Groups is now supported.  You can group all your RM users into a common group and authenticate against AD and that group membership. The AD solution avoids ldap so you do not need a dedicated bind account.
  • Business Group/Business Unit reassignment.  You can now move a business unit with risks to a new business group, and all business unit level access rights will move with the business unit to the new business group.

RM Client

  • Document and Sections can be created by copying and pasting between XL and the RM Client App.
  • Risks / Topics / Compliance items can be created using copy / paste from XL (or other tab delimited column source)
  • Risk Causes can be copied from one risk and pasted into another, or copied and pasted to and from XL
  • New DB repair component with automated repair actions available to administrators from the client.
  • Revised MS Word automation options and behaviour when the MS SpellCheck is used to eliminate a bug that allowed the RM Client to terminate MS Word instances created after RM has started without save when RM is shut down.  The new handling is NOT engaged by default, but is available from the My Settings panel.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented documents from being added if there was not at least one document already in the RM database.
  • Fixed a bug that defaulted the first document in the document centre list to section insert mode if there were no sections in the document

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