New Forum/Bulletin Board Site Launched

We have just turned on the new public BPC support & discussion forum at .  It is new, so the cupboard looks a little bare at the moment, but we trust some of you will find it of use.  Whether we had a forum, has been a question that is frequently asked by new clients and although the site has been around for a few years, it is primarily used by BPC staff and is less easily accessed than the new forum.  

The reality is that our email response system has been so good and the robustness of the applications so high that there simply is not the demand for a bulletin board style help system.  Even though the has been available for client access, clients have almost universally opted simply to email issues and questions and get a response in a few minutes to a couple of hours.  We sweep the emails every month and add common issues, or issues we think are of public consumption to the FAQ in the riskwiki.  The fact that a traditional layer of support is really just not needed with BPC RiskManager  is difficult to explain to new clients and so we have decided to launch a site.

It is monitored continuously by the BPC Dev team so we should see stuff arriving pretty quickly.  Please remember that it is new and the software is a little experimental so it may have short outages from time to time.  If it is down when you access, try again in a few minutes and it should automatically restart in about 2 minutes.

The RiskWiki (MediaWiki), the Blog (WordPress) and the Forum (MyBB) all use the same underlying technology - PHP and MySQL.  The introduction of the Forum to that set has introduced some instability which we are still working through so periodically one causes the other to fall over.  Everything is on auto restart, so if something is down when you first access it will come back  up in a few minutes.  I am sorry about this, but hopefully over the next week we will find the culprit of the problem and get back to our normal 99.9% system reliability.

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